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Interdisciplinary. Creative.

I am Milan (she/her and they/them), born in Amsterdam, raised on Ibiza. Being a child of a fashion designer and an inventor I grew up surrounded by creativity and exploration. These characteristics are behind my eagerness to learn, broad interests and (too) many hobbies. I am both analytical and creative: I have a doctorate in  ecology and also work as an illustrator under the name MilanTvM. I also like to write columns for the local science radio (in Dutch). I currently live in Amsterdam with my partner Gijs and my cat Cas.

You have reached my digital illustration portfolio. On this site I highlight my art produced with digital tools but I also work with watercolors and gouache paints. To be honest, I'm always finding something to experiment with. People, plants and food are some of my favorite subjects to illustrate. My creative work often has a vibrant, feminist tone. My corporate work has a soft but playful tone.

All my work - creative and otherwise - revolves around exploring the relationship between humans  and nature; homo sapiens as part of an ecosystem in ecologists speak. I love switching disciplines which has led me to work on projects with musicians, coders, cartographers and many more.

​Please take a look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you feel inclined to or just want to know more about me.

I take commissions for individuals and organizations, you can find some of my commissioned work here but I'm open to many projects. 

You can also shop my artwork and services on Etsy and Society6.

Self portrait of the illustrator. A playful hand drawn style illustration with lots of blue.
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